Sydney Men's Festival

Sydney Men's Festival

What is it?

The Sydney Men's Festival is a chance to talk, relax, participate in and run workshops with other men.

The Festival is an annual event held at the end of January each year on the second last full week of the school holidays.

The Festival is open to all men regardless of colour, creed, religion, sexuality, profession or employment status.

Next Festival

Mon 8th to Sun 14th of January, 2024


Vijayaloka, which is the buddist centre next door to Minto Bush Camp Howard Road Minto Heights NSW.

Contact Peter Baker 0411 437137
Sydney Men's Festival welcomes children (boys all ages & girls under 7).

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Weekend Gatherings

Throughout the year weekend gatherings are held to give men a taste of the Festival experience and to maintain contact with other men they have met at the Festival.
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