Sydney Men's Festival

Sydney Men's Festival


The Sydney Men's Festival is a self-managed community of men and children that models inclusiveness, support, fathering, fun, responsibility and growth.

*Agreed upon at the 2004 AGM.

Sydney Men's Festival Mission Statement

The Festival is a week of unwinding, talking, relaxing, playing and sharing time with other men. It is an opportunity for men to get together to explore ideas and issues with the support of other men.

*Agreed upon at the 1995 AGM.

Traditions of the Sydney Men's Festival

  1. The Festival is open to all men.
  2. The Festival prides itself on the broad participation of its members in leadership. We are a self-organised 'leaderful' festival.
  3. The inter-Festival organising Collective supports the broad self-management of the Festival and guards against the concentration of power in its own hands.
  4. All decisions are reached by consensus.
  5. The Festival is not for profit or personal financial gain.
  6. The Festival has no outside affiliations and is responsible only to its members.

*These were elaborated at the 1994 Festival & endorsed at the January 1997 Festival.